How to take the perfect photo booth photo

Welcome to The Photopod Photobooth blog, glad you could join us! We will be blogging here about all things photo booth (of course) as well as some other bits 'n pieces we think you'll enjoy. Much of it will be relevant to any party photo booth you hire or use. We thought we would start by looking at how to take the perfect photo booth picture. 

You would think that with the practise we have all had with digital 'selfies', taking the perfect photo booth photo would be a piece of cake. The truth though is, that most of us could do with a few pointers on making the most of our time in front of the photo booth camera. 

There are a bunch of things to remember when attempting to take a good photo booth picture. These should be applied any time you are using a photo booth. 

Have fun!

If there is a photo booth there, the hosts of your event are inviting you to have fun! Don't be afraid of being silly.  

Grab some friends

The more people the more fun, that's generally how photo booths work. There are so many possibilities; a table of guests, a group of friends, three generations of your family, the groom and groomsmen, sisters, grandparents and the grandkids, the whole family. Hiring a photobooth provides the opportunity for the person who is usually behind the camera to actually be in the shot, so be sure to get them in there  


Three pictures on a photostrip of someone/a group of people that are all the same makes for a pretty boring photostrip. You will need to move...something. It may be changing your facial expression, a shift in position or body part, whatever it is each photo needs to offer something different.  

Look at the camera

It sounds obvious doesn't it but you would be surprised by just how many people don't think to do this. Of course you don't always have to look at the camera, there are loads of things you can do in the photo booth that don't require you to look at the camera, BUT if you are looking forward towards the direction of the camera..connect with it, it makes a much more dynamic picture.


We know what works, what makes the difference between a good picture and a great one

Our photobooths have taken A LOT of photo booth pictures. Here are some of the things that always work. Probably key to them all is to have a plan. A plan isn't essential but it helps everyone be on the same page. Some poses will need the planning to happen before entering the photobooth, others can be done between shots, either way a plan gives everyone the best chance of success.

Use the props

Props are a great way of loosening up in front of the camera, but a prop isn't the shot. You need to work the prop. If you have moustache on a stick make sure it is exactly where you want it. If it is to be a moustache, make sure it is under your nose, not to the side. You get the idea. It is also great to use props in ways that are not their intended use. That eyebrow. But you will also need to change your pose for each picture. Three or four pictures of you with a fake moustache and the same facial expression isn't very exciting.

Tell a story

Use the sequence of pictures you take in the photobooth to tell a story. Use each picture as a piece of the story. For example, in the first picture a couple meet, in the second they fall in love, in the third they get engaged. Or send a message in sequence such as 'I love you”, a pose for each word. You can literally do any story you can think of, of course the key is to have a plan before you enter the photobooth. 


It makes a very compelling image when everyone in the picture is posing in exactly the same way. Think a group of people all blowing a kiss, all winking or all pretending to sing. You can also try to capture an action shot, like everyone blowing out a held breath. It can also work to mirror one another, think ABBA!   

Have an 'odd man out'

Just like number three only 1 person does something different to everyone else. This can be something from a different facial expression through to a completely different pose. Not only does the 'odd man out' add interest to the picture, it often adds laughter! If there are only two of you in the photo booth, then this principle serve as doing the opposite to one another. Emphasising the difference makes a very compelling image. 


Exaggerating your facial expressions or actions adds drama to the image, and a lot of fun. This is where allowing yourself to be a little silly and have fun comes in really handy. A wink is very subtle and in a photobooth picture a little hard to spot, but a wink using the whole side of your face and mouth is sure to be attention grabbing. 


There are some classic poses out there that are classic for a reason. Think see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and Charlie's Angels.

Now take all these ideas, jump into a photo booth and have some fun! Go for it.