Birthdays are special events meant to be shared with loved ones. Celebrations like these go beyond food and decorations – it’s all about the memories you and your guests will bring home. All you need is the perfect birthday theme to throw a successful party.

Throwing a themed party isn’t just for kids, it’s for adults too! Being a grownup doesn’t mean you can’t have all the fun, right? Put a twist on your next birthday party with these cool and unique themes:

70’s Groove party

Get your groove on and share the spice of life with a 70s-inspired party. Bring back the flashy fashion and slender styles of this era and let your guests glide like a 7-4-7 and lose themselves in the music. It’s one of the best ways to let loose and relax while having a groovy time.

Ask your friends to scour their attics or closets for the right clothes. Silver or gold sequined shirts, short dresses, bell bottom pants and high-heeled go-go boots will put the 70s vibe into it. For nibblies, prepare a couple of finger foods such as shrimp cocktails, mini meatballs and cocktail sausages. Mint Juleps, Side Cars and Manhattan Martinis are perfect refreshments after a night of dancing.

Stick bright cardboard peace signs and sunflowers on your walls as decorations. You can also hang a couple of old vinyl records and cut-out smiley faces to create your own Studio 54. The dance floor will not be complete without a rotating disco ball. With a couple of lights, it’s enough to light up your guests’ fuse all night.

Add in a photobooth and let your guests take some shots of their 70s inspired looks.

Image Source : HWTM, Materialicious,  Pinterest, Goodtoknow, The 70s Fashion Archive, Sugarlump Cakery 

Throwback 80’s party

Think Swatch watches, neon colours, the music of Men at Work and going back to the future with the Doc and Marty McFly. If you want to relive the 80s for a day, here is an excellent party idea for you.

A throwback 80s party is not complete without the era’s outfit. Ask your guests to dress in their 80s best. Retro sneakers, jumpsuits, padded blouses and parachute pants are the way to go. For decorations, arcade theme danglers, cassette or VCR tissue paper holders and “I love the 80’s” cut-outs can throw you back to the 80s. Have some props to use in the photobooth.

Mix tapes were huge during the 80s and a good set of songs will do the trick. Dance out to the tunes of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, Van Halen’s “Jump”, INXS “Need You Tonight” and the Pet Shop Boys “Suburbia”.

A pack of neon glow bracelets would make good party favours. Add a couple of Air Heads, Pop Rocks and Nerds to turn it into a real treat. Don’t forget to have your guests sign your birthday slam book. It is definitely worth shouting “We got the beat!” after the party.

80s Image Source : Ajurette Magablog, Ruby and Swallow, Etsy, HWTM

The Vegas Strip party

Green, red and black are the perfect colour schemes for recreating The Strip in your home. Go all in and put your Aces up your sleeves for this unique party idea.

If you want a Casino Royale-inspired theme, your guests should be dressed in their favourite cocktail attire. A red, black and white theme can put the glam into this party idea. However, if you prefer a low-key or casual theme, you can add a little bit of colour like yellow or green. For both party ideas, line up red and white balloons leading to your doorway. A balloon bouquet can also add style to your little casino. Turn a deck of cards into flag pennants to bring up the party’s ante.

A mini bar and buffet will make good refreshment stands for your guests. Since they will be at the tables trying their luck out, finger foods and mini desserts are ideal. Ask a friend to stand in as the night’s bartender to accommodate your guests.

In addition, a karaoke machine loaded with songs by Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow and Wayne Newton will put your guests in a good spirits.

Image Source: Kara's Party Ideas, All things makeup, Fashion Addict, Flickr, HWTM