Repeat Offenders


In the photobooth sense of course. You know who you are. You are the person that keeps coming back for more. You might be a little shy at first, but once you have been in you are hooked. You will be back for more again and again and when you leave your event you will take a wad of photo print strips with you. Repeat offenders fall into 3 basic categories:

The Eager Beaver

There are always guests that just “LOVE” being in a Photobooth and might venture on over for 10, 20 or more sessions for the night. The ones who rejoin the photobooth queue immediately after having a go. It's not always the person you might first think of. It can be the guilty grandma whom finds the immediacy of the process simply thrilling. The shy Uncle whom, after some prodding, has returned several times with different members of his family or the younger Sister of the Bride or Groom whom are never quite satisfied with the way the look and so need to go in “just one more time” even though they look amazing in every single photo.

The Family Circle

It's pretty humbling when the Mother or the Father of either the Bride or Groom call months or maybe years later and says “Hi remember me/us, we have another Son/Daughter whom is about to be married and we would like you to be there”. Some time later we get a call from a relative whom attended whom wants the same photobooth (uh at their wedding. So we get to know the family, the extended family and their loved ones. It doesnt get much nicer than that. We have even had an email from a client whom wanted to tell us about the afternoon she just had comparing her photbooth album with the one her sister received 2 years prior.

The Stalker.

We have had one occasion where we had the opportunity to Photograph one young lady 3 times at three different events. Now we operate out of South East Queensland and there must be 3.5 million people in our “Catchment”. That's just uncanny. She wasn't a relative of any of the hosts of the events (2 weddings and 1 birthday) and the people whom booked us weren't connected to one another. Spooky. What's more weird is that how we know this is because it just so happens that at all 3 events we had sent the same Attendant along. They recognised each other. The young lady called herself the “Stalker” to our attendant and it is by that name she will forever be affectionately known.


So, how do we create a balanced photo album/guest book for the hosts of the event? It can be tricky, making sure we get everyone in there, but we manage to. We love repeat offenders! So to all of you out there... we advise you to get in our photobooth and go crazy. With props, without props, grab family, drag in friends, share it with an aquaintance and go crazy. Go Crazy.