Photobooths and Instagram. 

There are some really exciting technologies that let us send and receive images to and from Instagram and Facebook at your event. ·
We can setup a system for you where everyone at your event can take photos with their phones, post them to Instagram and effectively have them printed instantly from a kiosk we supply.

Or with our Photobooths we can post almost instantly every image our booths take on the day or night to an Instagram #hashtag or Facebook account and your guests/attendees can have access to the digital images and share them till the cows come home. We simply need a reliable internet connection and for your guests to be in a reliable mobile reception area. Maginicant right????

The Facts

If your event is of the large corporate type with lots of the general public whom you will want your brand to instantly connect with, this can be a marketer's dream. Every photo sent to or downloaded from a Social Network site can be branded in any fashion the client desires. You can market products, offer discounts, promote a charity etc etc.

Now imagine at your wedding reception, everyone has had dinner, its all going perfectly and the speeches are about to start. ·Where is the Best Man?, Where are my Bridesmaides? ·Everyone under 40 years old is glued to their mobile phones uploading photos or choosing from the “cloud” which photos to print. DISASTER

Choose the right product for the event. Dont over do it. :)