The creation of a Photobooth

Here at The Photopod Photobooths we build our own photobooths from the ground up. ·We dont import them from Spain or the Uk or America or China or even purchase them from Canberra. We like to think that our photobooths are 100 percent created by us. (ok we dont actually make digital cameras or laptops or printers) ·But the rest is us. ·We·have spent countless hours brainstorming, drawing, sketching, discussing, arguing, prototyping, welding, screwing, sanding, painting, wiring etc etc etc. ·The design process to completion of each booth that we make is long and time consuming.

We have 9 Photobooths in operation now. Our Photopod is going strong. We now have them in Silver, Black and White. We have designed our booths to be large, wheelchair friendly, and versatile which means our clients can choose either landscape or portrait photography, choose pretty much any colour backdrop and our photo strips are never designed using a template but rather are individually designed to match the clients invitations or branding. ·

The operation of our booths is simple. ·

There is only one button inside. ·We had multiple setups when we first started, touch screens,video and audio, black and white, either or, repeat, delete, you get the idea. ·We found that giving the guest all of that choice actually slowed their ability to take good photos. 99.9 percent of guests are really happy with getting a printout of their photos 15 seconds after they come out from the booths.. There is no need to have someone inside for ten minutes trying to master a 20 second video whilst your nanna is waiting paitiently in the queue.

This is how it works

1:"Please press the button below".

2: "Pose and laugh like crazy".

3: "Please collect your prints and take them home".  ·