What to do with the photo strips

These days, no wedding, work party or other event is complete without a photo booth! They are a great way to loosen guests up and create a lasting memento of the affair, with guests able to take their photo strip home or add it to a photo album for the hosts to enjoy for years to come. Whether you like to take silly photos, want something a little more formal or just like the idea of a candid shot of you and your guests, what do you do with all the strips after the party? Here are a few ideas:

Make an album

Many photo booth providers, including The Photopod Photobooth, also provide a photo album or guest book for hirers. This gives guests the chance to get some snaps then glue it into the book with a little note. A great twist on the traditional guest book!scrapbooking_image

Image Source: Allison Waken

Use as a bookmark

Photo strips are the perfect size and shape for bookmarks. Although it may sound a little odd, they are a great way to keep your place and a little reminder of a great time with peers or friends at an event. This can also make a great gift for someone.


Image Source: Pinterest

Send to relatives

At some events, particularly weddings, there are many people who can’t make it, whether it be due to distance or date clashes or something totally unexpected. Sending these people some strips from the photo booth is a great way to keep them involved and give them a memento of the day.


Image source: Onegirlcookies

Upload to your social media networks

This one is mostly for corporate photo booth hirers, but anyone can do it! A great way to make use of the shots your guests took is to upload it onto your Facebook or other social networking pages. For businesses, this increases engagement and gets people talking about your company. For individuals, this is a great way to share the shots and show people who may not have been able to attend.


Image Soruce : Esty

These are just a few ideas for your photo strips and there are literally hundreds of ways to use your snaps! For more ideas or to organise a photo booth for your wedding or event, give The Photopod a call on 0423 157 537 today.