Want an enclosed photo booth for your upcoming wedding? Or prefer an open-style photo booth for your school formal? The Photopod Photobooth has you covered: we offer both types of photo booths for hire to cater to various needs.

We are the only company to offer both fully enclosed and open-styled photobooths. We know different people have different needs. You might be the kind of photo booth user who loves the privacy of an enclosed photobooth, with the thrill of a game of hide and seek. Or maybe you love the idea of a little Hollywood red carpet, a selfie in front of a crowd. 



One thing we know for certain, more people equals more fun, so we have made sure both our enclosed and open style photo booths can fit a crowd in! You don't want a tiny little shopping centre type photo booths, where you are lucky if you can squeeze two people in. What you want is one that is designed for fun, laughter and the occasional kiss. A photo booth that is roomy, fit for a group, a table, a crowd! And that's what we offer, all our photo booths can accomodate 8-10 people easily but we have certainly seen more find there way in!



With two kinds of photo booth how do I know which I should choose? Good question! Ultimately it comes down to which you prefer, and which you think will work best with your guests. 

An enclosed photobooth hire makes sense when you need privacy and intimacy without stressing about who’s watching. Without an onlooking audience, they are perfect for enabling even the most reserved guest to be themselves. Step through a doorway to a tastefully decorated, roomy space shielded from onlookers by a curtain. A place to let your hair down and allow your creativity to shine. Relax, practice your pose and make each moment count. Be amazed at the results and use them as inspiration to try out more fun, cosy and candid poses for your next photo booth experience! An enclosed photo booth really does bring out the poser in everyone! 

If you are looking for something to entertain all your guests at once, an open-style photo booth is a good option to consider. It is ideal for group photographs, promising tons of fun and laughter, as well as generous attention from guests and event participants. All guests take part in the fun that follows that very first touch of the button. When you see a group take their photograph in front of the photo booth, there's always a feeling of 'why not?' and pretty soon onlookers are lining up for their time before the booth!   Open-style photo booths are also a good option for when you have limited space and are interactive on trade show floors and at company events. 

Still not sure? Well we can help. We have attended close to 1000 events, so we have a little knowledge on what works. So get in touch and together we will work it out!



Our photobooths are stylish, modern and sophisticated and best of all, fully portable. With so many venue options available in Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Tweed and Byron Regions and out west to Toowoomba we wanted cooperative photo booths! And they are. They go up stairs, down corridors and over paddocks. So long as there is power, hard, flat ground and protection from the weather they'll be there. Not sure if we go to your venue? You can check out our service areas here.

Our photo booths look great in any setting as they are, but with customisable curtains and backdrops you can tailored to fit with your personality or theming. For those wanting to take their customisation to the next level our photo booths can also be further customised or branded using decals, props and other goodies. This is particularly popular for corporate clients.


Photobooth hire for Brisbane Gold Coast and Tweed



How else are our photobooths different? Well, we only use professional quality, state of the art equipment in our photo booths. Our digital Canon DSLR cameras, dye-subliation printers and diffuse lighting ensure flattering, excellent quality images. We also offer a choice of portrait or landscape images which offer a whole lot more than just a head and shoulders shot. 

Our instant dry photo prints will wow your guests with their excellent quality complete with your fully customised message, names or logo. And our gorgeous picture quality will have everyone sharing their pics to Facebook and beyond via our free online gallery, available within 24hrs.



For private hirers we will bring along a gorgeous guestbook for all all those duplicate photo prints to go into. With the use of our pens and glue tape we will help guests assemble a photo album unlike any other. Best coffee table book ever! And all those fun high resolution images will be sent to you on a boutique usb, so you can share the fun over and over again. What more could you want?



No? We should have because included in your hire is a box of rockin props. Nothing tacky or tasteless. Lots of variety. Heaps of fun.